Accident lawyers must be prepared to meet these challenges on behalf of their severely injured clients, and go above and beyond to secure fair compensation for your injuries.

Our Process

  1. Documentation
    First, your legal team at OP Law will gather records related to your claim, including medical records, medical bills, and insurance policy information.
    These documents will help your attorney understand the extent of your injury, and build your case for compensation.
  2. Investigation
    Your attorney and legal staff will investigate your accident in great detail to gather the necessary evidence.
  3. Negotiation
    Your attorney will negotiate with the defense, outside of the courtroom, to help get you the compensation you may be entitled to.
    If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, your attorney is prepared to go to trial and present your case in the strongest possible form.

O’Malley & Perry Fights for Car Crash Victims in Pennsylvania

At O’Malley & Perry Law, our team of lawyers have achieved great success on behalf of people severely injured in car accidents, and their families. Our lawyers take insurance companies to task and hold negligent drivers accountable for the harm they cause. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a wreck, our legal team can provide an evaluation of your case at no-cost.

At O’Malley & Perry Law, our legal team has an undeniable record of success for clients severely injured in Northeastern Pennsylvania auto collisions. We will fight for you so that you and your family can get the compensation they deserve. Contact us for a free case evaluation today.



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