The Best Scranton Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicyclists are extremely vulnerable on the road. They have low visibility, and any kind of contact with a moving vehicle will most likely cause severe injuries to the rider. Many motorists turning left never see the approaching bicyclist entering the intersection at the same time. Drivers make right turns at intersections crossing the path of a bicyclist. Oftentimes drivers attempt to overtake the bicyclist, or open the door to their car without looking. As a bicyclist, you can help protect yourself by using the proper protective gear, utilizing hand signals and keeping an eye on your surroundings. However, even with all precautions in place, cyclists are in a particularly vulnerable position because they share the road with automobiles, and depend on drivers to pay attention. You need a local Scranton bicycle accident attorney to handle your case.

Understanding Bicycle Laws in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, drivers are required to give bicyclists several feet of space. Yet, when a cyclist is involved in an accident with an auto, the driver will invariably attempt to place all fault on the cyclist. John was involved in an accident where he was struck from behind by a car that attempted to pass him on a two-lane street. The driver claimed John merged into the lane, and into her right of way, causing the accident. An independent witness made vague statements that could be potentially damaging to John. Finally, the driver raced to the police station and made a one-sided report, putting John entirely at fault for the accident. With all the facts and documentation mounting against him, John needed strong legal representation to fight for his rights.

Receive Fair Compensation For Your Injuries

At OHDP Law, we recognize the flaws in police reports and driver statements. We advocate passionately on behalf of the injured bicyclists, because we believe in transforming the way bike enthusiasts are perceived on the road. After carefully researching the law and the facts of the case, we were able to establish that the driver of the car broke the law in coming too close to John, who had the right to use the entire lane. We also successfully neutralized the damaging effect of the police report, by showing that our client’s statements were never taken into account. Our attorneys helped John find his voice and tell his story in a way that prevented the other side from spinning the facts in their favor.

After filing the case in court and going through the formal discovery process, we were able to achieve a successful settlement for John, where all of his care and treatment was paid for, and he received compensation for his pain and suffering.

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