Northeast PA Criminal Law Attorneys

Our legal team has extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system which often begins long before the grand jury investigative stage or arrest. Our participation usually begins in the earliest stage of the investigation in an effort to prevent our client being charged with any crimes.
However, if charged, we are prepared to provide our services at the time of the preliminary hearing, through trial and, if necessary, appeal.  Our office has extensive experience in both state and federal court.

We have in the past provided services for professionals of all disciplines, elected officials as well as businesses and business owners.  Recognizing that even an investigation by state and federal law enforcement can be detrimental to reputations, these matters are approached with the highest confidentiality.  An example of our experience in the field of criminal and white-collar criminal defense is as follows:

  • Bank Fraud
  • Bribery, Public Corruption
  • Computer Fraud
  • Corporate Criminal Liability
  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol / Controlled Substance
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Control Act
  • Election Fraud
  • False Statements and Perjury
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Obstruction of Justice
  • Public Corruption
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO)
  • Racketeering
  • Structuring Currency
  • Tax Fraud
  • Wire Fraud
  • Mail Fraud