Scranton Dog Bite Injury Attorney

A dog bite can be a physically and emotionally devastating experience causing long-term injuries.  In Pennsylvania, victims of dog bites can obtain compensation based on negligence. All dogs have a potential to bite someone and owners are responsible for their pets. This means dog owners can be held liable even if their dog has no prior attacks or a history of violence.  Pennsylvania has a high rate of dog bite injury claims in the United States. Children are especially vulnerable as they are not typically able to defend themselves or recognize a dangerous situation with an aggressive dog quickly enough. Statistically, children make up around 75% of dog bite victims.

Animal attacks can cause severe and debilitating injuries to the victim, both physical and psychological. In many cases, victims of dog bites are scarred for life and develop a phobia or other crippling emotional symptoms. The dog owner is liable for damages suffered by an individual who was bitten by their dog in a public place or even lawfully in a private place. This includes the property of the dog owner.  In fact, under Pennsylvania’s dog bites laws, it stipulates the owner’s liabilities for any injuries sustained in a dog bite attack. It’s important to note again, it does not matter if their dog has any previous record of an aggressive tendency. A dog owner could also be held liable for their dog’s actions if they were negligent in handling them. This could include a scenario where they allow their dog to roam around freely, without a leash, putting other individuals in a harmful situation. However, courts will typically deny a dog bite injury claim for victims who acted in a negligent manner causing an attack. This would include a scenario where the victim harassed the dog.

It’s not uncommon in dog bite injury claims for the owner to make an attempt to avoid liability. They will often deny ownership, claim the victim was trespassing on private property, or that the victim provoked the attack. Therefore, if you or a family member are a victim of a dog bite, you need to immediately consult with a Scranton dog bite attorney at our law firm. Our lawyers will closely examine all the specific details and circumstances of your potential personal injury lawsuit during your free consultation. We will answer any questions you may have regarding your legal rights to financial compensation after a dog bite. Your family deserves the highest-caliber and most recognized personal injury attorneys. At OHDP, our lawyers’ courtroom and trial experience will deliver the best possible results for you and your family.

Other Responsible Parties in a Dog Bite Case

We have discussed the dog owner’s liability in dog bite cases, but what about cases where the dog was not under the control of owner at the time of the attack? In these type of situations, the caretaker of the dog could be held liable for injuries, but it’s more difficult. The caretaker must have prior knowledge of the dog’s aggressive tendency before they can be held liable. This is often difficult to prove, but not impossible. The caretaker could also be held liable if they were negligent in controlling the dog. In some circumstances, a landlord could be held liable if they were aware of a tenant’s aggressive dog and has a right to remove them from the property. A commercial property owner could be held liable for injuries in a dog bite case as they have a legal duty to inspect their property for any dangerous conditions. There are other potential parties that may be held liable, such as a home owner’s  association, but it would depend on the specific circumstances of the case. Consult with a Scranton dog bite lawyer at our office for more information.

Legal Right to Compensation For Dog Bite Victims

An experienced Scranton personal injury attorney from our law firm will aggressively pursue all types of compensation available for your dog bite injuries. This includes current and future medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, lifetime care, punitive damages, pain and suffering, and other losses. If you or a family member are a victim of a dog bite or other animal attack, call the experienced and professional lawyers at OHDP for a free consultation. We have staff that we can send out immediately in order to investigate, secure evidence, interview witnesses, establish the dog’s ownership, obtain the incident report and medical records. At our Scranton personal injury law firm, we believe in strategically building a solid factual base, which will enable us to tell a more compelling story on our clients’ behalf to the insurance companies as well as the court.

Contact a Scranton Dog Bite Attorney

Handling a dog bite injury case can often become a complicated legal process that requires immediate skilled representation. Timing is critical in dog bites cases. Our experienced dog bite lawyers will thoroughly review the details of your case and explain potential legal options on recovering compensation.

At OHDP, we believe each client deserves an attorney personally handling their case. We are committed to having injury lawyers directly available to our clients to answer any questions or concerns, unlike others who may assign paralegals and assistants to the daily management of your case. Our philosophy allows us to personally get to know injured victims, so we can provide them with a stronger voice and presence before the insurance companies and in court.

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