When deciding on automobile insurance coverage it is imperative to understand full tort and limited tort. It is very important to understand these two coverage options and what each of them entitles you after an auto accident. O’Malley & Perry Law has over 30 years of experience dealing with cases involving both full tort and limited tort insurance policies.


Limited tort policies do not cover all of the damages that can result from a car accident. Much in line with the phrase in the title of this article your ability to recover is limited if you make a limited tort election when you are purchasing car insurance. A household with a limited tort policy may receive compensation for monetary damages only; out of pocket expenses and medical bills. Pain and suffering, is NOT covered under a limited tort policy. Limited tort policyholders cannot sue for pain and suffering unless they are considered to be suffering serious bodily injury. Exceptions to the serious bodily injury requirement are:

  • The other driver committed an intentional act that caused the injuries
  • The other driver was operating a vehicle registered in a state other than Pennsylvania or
  • The other driver had no insurance

Although a limited tort policy is cheaper, we do not believe the difference in price is substantial enough to justify choosing limited tort over full tort coverage.


Full tort insurance means a slightly higher premium in most cases, but the rights to compensation are broader in your personal injury case. Although limited tort premiums may be less costly than full tort policies, these policies may cost more in the long run if someone on the policy experiences an automobile accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

It is important to note that full coverage and full tort are not one in the same. You must specifically make sure you have full tort on your automobile insurance policy. It is also important to note that the full tort policy applies to all the members of your household. We at O’Malley & Perry Law believe that, the additional money paid at a premium for the full tort coverage is worth the recovery that this type of policy entitles you to, in the case of an accident.

Full tort policies allow households to receive full compensation for all the damages related to a car accident. This includes: Medical Expenses, Lost Wages, Damage to Vehicles and Pain and Suffering.
This policy option provides you with an increased chance to receive monetary compensation related to an accident.