Nursing Home Abuse Happens Far Too Often

Sandra Burgette-Miller had been to twenty different attorneys. Prior to his death, her father had been the victim of nursing home abuse. She knew it. And she knew that she wanted the people responsible to pay for what they did to him.

In consulting with lawyers in the area, she found that many of them didn’t get it. They didn’t have the knowledge or experience with nursing home abuse cases to see that her father’s suit was just and viable. Others simply didn’t care. They didn’t think the suit would earn millions of dollars – so they completely dismissed it. They were much more interested in profit than they were in helping Sandra and her father find justice.

How Sandra Handled The Nursing Home Abuse Case

Sandra was not the type to give up. She’s a fighter and always has been. Whenever she got discouraged, she remembered what she said to her father the day before he passed away. “I don’t care what it takes,” she said, leaning down to him, “I’m going to get them for what they did to you.”

Things changed when Sandra came through the doors of O’Malley, Harris, Durkin and Perry. OHDP had the knowledge of nursing home abuse to understand that Sandra and her father were wronged. More importantly, they cared about what had happened. They wanted to see justice done. After weeks of work and consultation with Sandra, the team was able to do just that. They secured her a large monetary settlement as compensation.

OHDP Takes Nursing Home Abuse Seriously

Too often, people don’t pursue nursing home abuse cases because they don’t think anyone is going to care about the sick and the elderly. People also get discouraged when attorneys won’t hear them out. The keys to securing justice are: 1. Never give up and 2. Find the right lawyers who care, the men and women that are going to have your back.

That’s the thing that sets O’Malley, Harris, Durkin and Perry apart from the rest. They care about their clients and making sure justice is done. They have tremendous experience and a stunning win percentage; but it’s the connection they create that makes them the right choice for most people.

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