Every time we get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, each of us has a responsibility to protect ourselves, our passengers, and other motorists by doing all we can to prevent a car accident from happening. Whether you are driving along the Pennsylvania back-roads or on one of the Commonwealth’s many interstate highways, there are driving tips that you should follow in order to help you prevent an car or truck accident:

Limit distractions.

There are numerous distractions in our lives these days, especially in our motor vehicles. Using your cell phone, texting, and fiddling with the radio or GPS should all be done when you are at a complete stop or avoided altogether. Give 100% of your attention to the road. The text message can wait!

Keep a proper lookout for others.

Make certain that your mirrors are in the correct position. Also, take some time to turn around and look before changing lanes or entering the highway to make certain that you are not about to pull out in front of someone. Also, try to avoid the blind spots of other drivers, especially semi-trucks. If you can, limit the length of time that you have to be in their blind spot.

Limit nighttime driving.

No matter how good your eyes are, night driving is still more difficult and comes with a higher risk of accidents. Not only is your visibility reduced when it’s dark out, but also drunk drivers tend to be out on the roads much more during this time. If you have to drive after midnight, make sure you stay extra alert for reckless drivers.

Drive Defensively.

Never just assume that a driver is going to stop or turn. It’s better to assume they may not! For example, when going through a red light, still look both ways to check if anyone is going to run the light. Not only do drunk drivers often run red lights, but so do distracted drivers. Remember, it may be an accident that their turn signal is even on. Better to drive cautiously.

Keep your vehicle in good condition.

Always stay up-to-date with car checkups by taking it to an experienced mechanic in your area. Also, don’t drive on old tires that could blowout at any moment, potentially causing a wreck. Get any odd noises checked out before getting on the highway. Take pride in your vehicle and do all you can to make sure it is running properly.

Unfortunately, the fact remains that sometimes no matter how cautious you are, an accident can still happen. However, by putting these tips into practice you can certainly better your chances of avoiding a car or truck accident.



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