If you’ve been involved or injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, one of the most important decisions you will make in connection with the crash and the aftermath is choosing the right attorney.

Choosing the right lawyer for your situation can result in the loss of thousands of dollars.With regard to motor vehicle collisions it is important to act fast because filing a lawsuit is a time sensitive matter.

Despite this time crunch, you can take your time to make a well-informed decision quickly if you use common sense and ask the right questions of those persons who you are interviewing for the job. While the following questions do not exhaust everything a client may wish to discuss with his or her prospective attorney, it provides a great foundation and will assist most in what can be an overwhelming and stressful process.

1.) Who will actually be handling and “working up” my case?

You should ask exactly who will be handing and working up your case. Additionally, you should request to meet this individual. You deserve to know the experience, qualifications, and position of the specific attorney who will be representing you and/or your family in what may be one of the most important matters of your or their lives.

2.) How long have you practiced law?

As with any job or profession, general experience as an attorney is extremely important.

3.) What types of cases do you handle, and what percentage of your practice is devoted to auto accident injury law?

It is important to know what area(s) of law the attorney practices in. Ask the attorney what types of cases they handle. This is so you know you are dealing with someone who has worked on cases like yours in the past. Ideally, the attorney you hire for your auto accident case focuses his or her practice on primarily on auto accident cases.

4.) Do you have any special training or experience that will benefit my case?

While auto accident injury law does not require specialized training and experience to practice, it is helpful to know if the attorney you are interviewing has any training or experience that may benefit your case. This information could prove vital when trying to decide if one particular attorney is more suited for your matter over another, and, as a result, more likely to obtain a favorable recovery for you.

5.) What is your fee, and what costs do you charge for?

While most auto accident injury attorneys charge on a contingency basis (meaning there is no fee if there is no recovery), and the actual amount of their fee is based upon the value of the claim, not all charge the same rate.

In addition to fees paid to the attorney, most attorneys require that the client bear the “costs” of the case. This can include, among other things, charges by the clerk of court for filing suit, costs of the sheriff for service of pleadings, copy costs, postage, and court reporter fees. It is important to understand what costs you will be responsible for and, more importantly, if you must pay them regardless of the outcome of your case.

In Pennsylvania all lawyers and clients are required to enter into a written fee agreement. Ask you lawyer for the opportunity to review it before your meeting with the attorney for an initial consultation. If you do not obtain a copy before you meet with your prospective attorney for an initial consultation, ask if you can have the opportunity to review it for as long as you need to before signing it.



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